Shellac Manicure:

This is a new 2-week manicure for natural nails, it is a gel polish, sure to last, be dry before you leave the salon and have the glorious shine for the full two weeks.



This includes hot paraffin wax treatment, leaving your hands so, so silky soft you will want to touch everyone and show off those beauties.

50 min – $47

Alure Spa:

Our service will take all of your daily troubles and push them away for an hour. Give us your hand and let us remind you of life’s great little secrets.

45 min – $37

    • Soak in Our Special Blend of Moisturizing and Cleansing Honey Butter
    • Exfoliating Treatment With Glow Ancient Dead Sea Salt Scrub
    • Trimming, Shaping and Shine Buffing of Nails
    • Pushing and Trimming Cuticles
    • Few Minutes of Massage, Feels Like an Hour’s Worth
    • Polish if You Desire
    • At-Home Product Recommendation


      • To relax you and let you forget all your worries, and make your hands feel soft and have an even tone again, diminishing fine lines from age and our environment.


Let us do your choice of one: Massage, Exfoliate or Polish

30 min – $28


Let us do your choice of one: Massage, Exfoliate or Polish

30 min – $24


Best Pedicure this side of the Wisconsin River. Remember, if your feet feel great, then you feel even better! Anytime is a fantastic time for a Spa Pedicure!


60 min — Includes hot paraffin wax treatment.


Benefits: To revitalize, detoxify and soften tired, achy feet. You will be dancing in the streets.

Alure Spa:

All include hydrotherapy soak in our luxurious pedicure spa with four jets, fully equipped with massage and heat in the seats and a semi-reclining seat. Enjoy a beverage of your choice, and a breathtaking view of the Wisconsin River.

50 min – $53

        • Cleansing, Trimming, Shaping and Soft Buffing of Toenails
        • Pushing and Trimming of Cuticles
        • Exfoliating Scrub With Our Glow Ancient Dead Sea Salt Scrub
        • Buffing of Calluses
        • 10-min Massage to the Knee With Our Body Butter
        • Polish if Desired
        • Complimentary Pedicure Slippers
        • At-Home Product Recommendation


    • This service will relax you and give you a lift no other hour ever will. Be prepared to have the softest, best-looking feet around; you will be so happy you indulged. When your feet feel better, you feel better. (Don’t worry if you don’t think you have pretty feet, no one ever does till they have our pedicure!) This is our most popular service!


Let us do your choice of one: Massage, Exfoliate or Polish

30 min – $44


15 min – $15

Gratuities – Gratuities are not included in your service fee; all are accepted and appreciated.